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Sweet Lilly came in from Eatern Wa and was very unsure of what was going on. She thought "Hey, what has happened?" She was a little unsure and a little standoff-ish to some folks. We picked her up and took her to boarding. A wonderful person by the name of Susan wanted to foster for us. She actually came to meet another dog but was not a good fit, and Lilly was not in the plan. Well Susan asked a couple time and we thought "what the heck". They hit it off and off she went to her foster home, Because Lilly is so stunning, she was quickly adopted by another person. That was not a good fit for miss Lilly and she went back to Susan who then realized she loved this girl. This is her new forever home. They are very lucky to have found each other it was just meant to be! Thank you Susan for taking in our Lilly and loving her so much.

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