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Wonderful Wilson

Wonderful Wilson

We met Wilson after asking to Laura Jean how Faith was (her GSD with ME) at an industry party. Wilson was in her truck. At first meeting I couldn't say no to him, Dave couldn't either. Talking it over we decided we had the lifestyle and finances to take care of him with his special needs. We already have two dogs. We keep saying 3 is too many. (We had 3 at one time previous to Wilson but we can't help ourselves). We applied with NWGSR asking only for Wilson. We were accepted to become Wilson's parents. We have met his first parents and keep them informed on him. He was devoted to us from day one. He always went into work with Dave or myself the first two years (now he stays at home but if I'm working out I make a mid day home visit). Other people would try to play with him but he wanted nothing to do with them. His eyes were always on us. He is a love. I am happy to say and knock on whatever wood I can find he has never had AP which is a concern with ME furbabies. That doesn't mean we haven't rushed him to the vet when he was coughing and displaying other symptoms. He has been to the vet a few times for "growing" pains, and some leg injuries (he is so clumsy). We have a Vet clinic who has moved heaven and earth for us with previous dogs and do the same with him. They are all aware of his condition and have educated themselves on it. He is also on record at WSU with their internist. Currently he is at 83 lbs the vets say he is perfect. We love his stance a GSD without the back slope. He is straight back. His looks are admired whenever he is out. He is a lap dog, loves to play catch (we've found lacrosse balls don't get destroyed). Dave has mentioned we would take another GSD in a heartbeat when it's time to look for another. Obviously we would see who is available at NWGSR. We would take another ME dog. The only downfall that comes to mind is what a whiner he is. I'm told that is a Shepherd trait. We try to tell him it's undignified but he whines anyway. Wilson has his own Wilson jersey which he wears during the season. The puppy picture is him in Laura Jean's car. It was love at first sight. He loves the beach, playing, picking up logs and his fur sister and brother Katy (the golden) and Skooter (huskie/lab).

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