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We are a 501(c)3 Organization
Owner Surrender Application

The following documents must be presented to a NWGSR volunteer prior to your dog's temperament evaluation:

  • A copy of the dog’s Rabies Certificate and proof of distemper vaccination. NWGSR will not meet with your dog without proof of your dog being up-to-date on rabies vaccination. 
  • Proof of ownership. This can be in the form of registration papers, a copy of the purchase receipt for the dog, a copy of the dog license receipt, or copies of veterinary records.
  • We are an all volunteer organization. If you are financially able, we would ask that you provide a small donation with your application to paritally cover the costs of running the rescue, including providing a website, insurance, etc.

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Does the dog have any type of bite history (including not breaking skin) with people, children, animals, livestock, etc? *
If yes, then please explain the circumstances?
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Please tell us if there are any habits or unusual behavior a potential adopter should be aware of. *
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With Your Signature Above, You Agree to the Following:

I understand that I am surrendering my dog to Northwest German Shepherd Rescue (NWGSR).

I understand that the information pertaining to my dog will be posted on the internet, and that NWGSR will be presenting my dog to approved adopters.

I understand that before entering the NWGSR Owner Surrender Program, my dog will be temperament tested. The decision to include my dog in the program is solely at the discretion of NWGSR. I agree to provide NWGSR with all medical and temperament histories and will not withhold any information that could be considered detrimental to the placing of my dog for adoption.

I understand that the final decision regarding with whom to place the dog is the sole right of NWGSR and its adoption requirements. I certify that I am the owner of the dog and all information is true and complete. Further, I hereby forever release, discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Northwest German Shepherd Rescue and its members and representatives against any and all claims, known or unknown, now or hereafter, and from all claims in connection with the adoption of, or any other dispostion of, the above named dog.

I understand that my electronically-generated signature above is valid as a means of legal signature for the purpose of this Owner Surrender Application.

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